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A document on the blockchain? Everprove can do that!

The core concept behind the Everprove project was to attempt to store complete documents in a blockchain database, to overcome the limitations of the current practice of just anchoring documents via hashes.

What is the blockchain?

Blockchain is…

  • Immutable: Data recorded on the blockchain is there forever, preserved in its original form.
  • Secure: Encryption makes sure that your confidential data is protected from unauthorized people.
  • Decentralized: Blockchain is operated by a network of nodes, removing the need for a single, central authority. Anyone can become a node — or Notary as we call it on Everprove Ledger. All you need is a computer and you can take part in verifying transactions.
  • Time-stamped: Every transaction is time-stamped excluding the possibility of fraudulent modification in the future.

Why is blockchain such a big deal?

  • The current blockchain solutions record the hash — a unique fingerprint — of the file on the blockchain, not the actual document. That is sufficient if all you need is to check if it has been modified. You can’t tell more from the hash, just if it’s the exact same copy of the file or not.
  • Everprove can write significant amounts of data on the ledger. And we are making it as easy and accessible as possible. 
  • Our B2B solution can be integrated into a wide range of infrastructures, reinforcing your current workflow and adding an extra layer of security.
  • Everprove App provides a contracting smartphone application to the hand of the end-users.
  • You can issue tamper-proof, digital documents on the blockchain in a matter of minutes.
  • Validating files and documents is as easy as scanning a QR code with your mobile phone

How can Everprove and blockchain be useful for you?

  • Proof of Authenticity: A luxury watch can record its certificate of authenticity — containing the serial number, name of the original owner, distributor and even a photo of the watch!
  • Contracts: A law office may store every contract on the blockchain, providing a permanent record for the intentions of the parties concluding the agreement.
  • Official documents: A land registry may record documents of ownership, leaving no room for fraud and falsification.
  • Tickets: A venue may issue tickets on the blockchain prohibiting unauthorized ticket sales and ensuring that tickets can’t be sold twice.
  • Diplomas: A university can issue diplomas and certificates so verifying them on the other side of the world is just as easy as it would be in the same country — saving money, time and work!

Try it today!

Try the Everprove App today, either on your desktop or on mobile. Visit and start the journey. Your contracts are important!

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