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Blockchain Document Certification Launched by Everprove

Your documents, data, files, ideas, creations etc. are all very very important. There might be occasions when you should be able to prove their originality, existence, or ownership. We all have some digital data that might need proper certification.

Problem solved. We have just launched our “certify anything” service in the web version of the Everprove App. It is a seamless drag-and-drop experience but its outcome is huge. It empowers you to create a timestamped evidence of virtually anything which is digital and is important for you. Distributed ledger technology provides a fantastic platform to certify and prove the original existence of any digital information. Due to the immutable nature of the ledger, blockchain document certification provides you the opportunity to prove the originality of any document, music, video, picture, idea etc. in a fast, secure and completely trustless way.

Are you a designer? Surely it would make sense to certify and timestamp your sketches before presenting them on any meeting. They are your creations and you should be able to prove this. Better safe than sorry right?

Did you write a novel? Congratulations, that is some huge effort. Surely it is worth 2 minutes to properly certify and timestamp your original manuscript before sending it to agencies. Your ideas, concepts and words are yours, and in case of plagiarism you shall be able to prove their origin.

Took a picture of something extraordinary? Congrats, you just created value, which could result in income. You want that income for yourself right? Pretty obvious to invest 2 minutes for proper certification.

We could go on listing possible use cases, but the concept should be clear by now. Any digital data might be of importance to you due to many reasons. The Everprove App is there to help you in an easy and secure way.

The process has been designed to be as easy as reasonable possible. All you need to do is:

  • open the web version of the Everprove App;
  • click on the “Certify” button;
  • drag your file into the box;
  • provide important details;

and that is it.

It is important to note that the so called hash or digital fingerprint of your document is always created within your browser locally, meaning that your file never leaves your computer during the process. We will never be able to see your original file, just its fingerprint. Our blockchain document certification service is based on the registration of the document fingerprint on the blockchain.

Validation of your file is even easier, just open our public blockchain explorer, and validate your existing file by selecting this option in the header.

And here comes the best part: the purchase of the ‘1000 Contracts’ license for a mere 27 dollars will entitle you to certify one thousand files, pics, ideas, creations etc. You have never met a cheaper notary.

Explore the Everprove App today, and certify anything that is important to you!

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