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Everprove at European Blockchain Convention

After an eventful 2019, Everprove is ready to take on 2020. Our first important event this year was the European Blockchain Convention in Barcelona.

The year 2020 has barely even started but our team is already working hard. While our developer team is breaking a sweat to bring you Everprove Mobile, Marci from the Everprove team visited Barcelona for a short trip.

We have applied to RACE by EBC in the fall of 2019 and got nominated as one of the best 21 startups — and invited to take part in the European Blockchain Convention.

A competition in a thriving startup-hub

The past few years have proved that Europe has an ever-growing startup community and there is a need for showcasing their ideas. Competitions like RACE by EBC give local and global newcomers an opportunity to gain visibility and meet potential partners and investors.

The European Blockchain Convention 2020

In their own words:

RACE by EBC is European Blockchain Convention’s startup competition, where 20 of Europe’s hottest Blockchain Startups will present their project to an audience filled with leading investors, corporates, mentors, media and talent.

Participants from a wide range of industries came up with clever ways of utilizing this technology. Seeing their pitches reinforced our belief is that the atmosphere around blockchain has gone from speculation to actual use cases. To name a few of the other talented startups:

  • Triple O Games, a blockchain-based gaming platform,
  • Gataca, a decentralized digital identity management service,
  • Trazable, a food supply chain traceability startup,
  • HolaTech, an instant product verification service,
  • and many more.
Marci from the Everprove team

The awards show

The RACE was supposed to start at 9 a.m. but due to the unusual amount of rain, the event began an hour later, since many of the participants were stuck in the traffic.


Pitches started at 10 a.m. and each participant had 4 minutes to introduce her/his startup and an additional 4 minutes to answer questions. The jury had to consider five criteria (solution, market, team, pitch, business model) and evaluate it from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best score.

Everprove and team Staxe from Switzerland

Even Everprove did not make it to the top 3, we still collected lots of valuable feedback and made friends from all over Europe. Congratulations to Gataca! We are very grateful for the amazing team of organizers at EBC and everyone who made this possible.

The happy winners

What’s next?

This competition is over, but we are far from done yet. We still have a few startup events coming up this year and Everprove Mobile is coming closer to launch day by day! Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter on our website to stay up-to-date.

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