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Everprove Ledger is officially live!

On February 7, Everprove Ledger has officially gone live. The ledger’s demo has been already up and running since December 2 and after a week of final adjustments, we are proud to present you the live version.

With over 460.000+ confirmed blocks and 700.000+ transactions of testing, we are confident that our solution is ready for the market. Our developer team has been breaking a sweat to improve its security, speed and durability.

There are currently 3 master nodes supervising the transactions with 10 seconds block time, making it possible to write significant data on the blockchain — lengthy documents, images with blazing speed.

The Everprove Notary Network — as we call verification nodes — facilitate transactions in a way that they have the exclusive right to validate and confirm blocks. An open, publicly available validator network makes sure to preserve the decentralized nature of our blockchain.

Anyone can enlist as a Notary — all you need is a computer meeting the following requirements:

  • Linux: 64-bit, supports Ubuntu 12.04 and up, CentOS 6.2 and up, Debian 7 and up, Fedora 15 and up, RHEL 6.2 and up,
  • Windows: 64-bit, supports Windows 7, 8, 10, Server 2008 or later,
  • Mac: 64-bit, supports OS X 10.11 or later,
  • 1024 MB of RAM,
  • 50 GB free disk space,
  • and an Internet connection.

We are going to open our doors for the notaries in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned!

Everprove App is released!

Everprove App is becoming better every day! We are working hard on polishing the design and creating the best possible experience for you.

The app will empower you to issue tamper-proof digital documents on the blockchain on the go! In just a few minutes! How?

  1. Pick one of the contract templates,
  2. Digitally sign the prepared the document — the eIDAS compliant digital signature ensures that these contracts are legally binding,
  3. Send it to your contracting partner,
  4. Record it on the blockchain!

Try the Everprove App today, either on your desktop or on mobile. Visit and start the journey. Your contracts are important!

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