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Global Startup Awards Grand Finale

The Global Startup Awards is over. Hundreds of startups from all around the world including Everprove took part in this competition to contend for recognition and to make connections with potential partners.

What is the Global Startup Awards?

The Global Startup Awards is an international competition for more than 60 countries and 3 continents. Startup teams battle their way to from the national rounds, to the regional competition, and finally to the Grand Finale. 

In their own words:

“Working with local partners in each of our regions, we go on an annual expedition to find those companies and individuals that have gone on to become a game changer or inspiration to thousands, if not millions or billions of users and fans…”

Everprove was nominated in the ‘Best Blockchain Startup’ and the ‘Best Newcomer’ categories in the national rounds and successfully secured its place to the finals taking place in Changsha, China. 

Changsha is a buzzing city, which is gaining more recognition as one of the most quickly developing cities in China — and also being among the happiest ones. 


In 2015, the city authorities initiated a three-year action plan to make key areas of manufacturing more intelligent. Since then, the city has been nurturing emerging intelligent industries, prioritizing intelligent equipment, intelligent vehicles, intelligent terminals, and independent information security technologies.

The city’s government provides support to local manufacturers to utilize the latest developments in technology and also invites Western businesses to open the way for cooperation — hence Changsha giving a home for the Grand Finale.

The event commenced on the 11th of December and lasted for 3 days of exciting programs until the 13th of December plus a final day of sightseeing around the city.

Arriving in Changsha

Since some of the guests arrived with afternoon flights on the first day, most of it was free for us to discover the city. Locals showed us around our home in the Yuelu district, — the amazing Meixi Lake Hotel.

Changsha is a thriving tech-hub in Hunan province, famous for numerous breakthroughs in a wide range of fields.

The day ended with a welcome dinner together with city officials and organizers of the event. Hu Zhongxiong, the mayor of Changsha gave a warm welcome speech and invited us for an astonishing dinner. We could taste dozens of Chinese specialties — some of them familiar, some of them unlike anything we’ve had.

Panel discussions and pitch-day

The second day of the Awards started early with an opening ceremony and various panel discussions throughout the afternoon about startup and tech-related topics, such as:

  • the future of co-working,
  • discovering new markets,
  • getting the most out of uncertainty with investments,
  • the current state of blockchain

and many more.

After the panels, startups pitched their idea in groups to local stakeholders and city officials. 

Global Grand Finale

Our third day started with a visit to the Changsha High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, — or CSHTZ for short — the main hub of innovation in the city. Three teams were formed based on their field of operation (eg. health-tech, fintech, blockchain, etc.) and they had the opportunity to pitch in front of officials from CSHTZ.

After a great day of pitching sessions and talking to potential future partners, we traveled back to Meixi Lake Hotel to get ready for the Global Grand Finale Show in the evening.

Many Chinese governmental officers visited to see the competing startups of the world and to ensure that innovators are always welcome in their city. They talked about the importance of building a great future together by connecting the brightest minds and the development of technologies.

After listening to the inspirational speech of the organizers, winners in each category were announced and shortly introduced. Everprove was nominated in the general ‘Best Startup of the Year’ category and we were eager to hear the final results.

The best startup of the Global Startup Awards was… Turbine.AI! The Hungarian startup set on its mission to fight cancer utilizing artificial intelligence, congratulations to them!

Turbine builds a platform to understand the inner mechanisms of cancer enabling the discovery of novel protein targets, precision biomarkers and better translation to patients.

Grand Finale After Party in LAKE Pub

Even though we have not won an award, our team has made meaningful connections with other startups and we took the first step in setting foot in another continent. After an eventful 3 days, we were ready to relax at the official After Party in the nearby bar.

What’s next?

The Global Startup Awards is over, but this has been just one of the many challenges to come. We have 2020 coming up and a full year of competitions, development — and of course, the Everprove Mobile App underworks!

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