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Loan Agreement Within 10 Minutes Digitally with Everprove

Giving a loan to a friend for some weeks, but being hesitant concerning all the paperwork relating to the formalization of a loan agreement? With Everprove you can get this task done within 10 minutes in a professional yet simple way.

Your contracts are important, even the smallest friendly loans. You might often think that “the situation is just not right” for an official contract, the topic is “awkward” or probably that “formalization of a contract is difficult”.

We have some good news: all these excuses are part of the past now.

We have developed an application for you, its name is Everprove. You may use it on your desktop, but you can also download it from the Apple or Google app stores. Using of Everprove is super easy, yet it is supporting you with the opportunity of professionally formalizing your everyday legal deals – such as a small loan agreement for example – with prudent contracts.

We made the flow as easy as possible. You open the Everprove application, and select the Loan deal type. Following the provision of your terms you invite your partner via their email address. Your partner checks and approves your terms, and confirms the deal. You both can sign the contract on the screen, and that is all, contract done.

You only need to allocate 10 minutes tops on the above flow, everything else is processed by Everprove. Your agreement terms are inserted into professionally prepared contract templates that have been prepared by our attorneys, and the contract is executed with a qualified electronic signature. Following this, the contract will be recorded on the Everprove Ledger blockchain, where it will always be available for instant retrieval in an immutable and tamper-proof way.

Your contracts are important, all of them, even the smallest ones. Everprove makes all difficulties of formal contracting as part of history.

Visit the website and try our application today. Registration is free and your first contract will be also free of charge. Accessing your past contracts will always remain free, but launching of new contracts following your first one will be subject to an active subscription.

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