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Why is it useful to conclude a digital contract with your mobile?

You tend not to properly formalize your small value private dealings. We believe however that all dealings are important, even the smallest ones. There is a solution to quickly but prudently formalize your agreement and to create a digital contract.

You loan some money to a friend. You pay your handyman some advance to purchase material for repair. These are typical deals where you would think a formal contract is just too much of a hassle. The amount is not that significant, the matter is not that important, contracting is too long and burdensome. Sounding like familiar excuses right?

Until recently, contracting meant a lot of time, costly advisors and a lot of hassle. Technical solutions overcoming traditional paper-based contracts have started becoming mainstream only lately. These solutions have been offering electronic signature, timestamp and digital contract management, but unfortunately their main target audience remained the corporate sector and not the private individuals with their small value legal dealings.

Everprove’s goal is to empower you with real 21st century digital contract technology that is easy to use.

You have a smartphone and your partner has a smartphone. This is all you need to enter into a properly formalized legal agreement in no more than 10 minutes. There may be no excuse anymore for not documenting even you smallest dealings. All of your deals are important.

Visit the website today and take Everprove for a test run. Feel free to use our super-friendly contract robot: Mr. John Doe. Just invite John to a contract with his email of and he will instantly confirm and sign all agreement proposals – allowing you to test the complete contracting flow with no strings attached.

Contracting can be easy, quick and fun. Registration to Everprove is free, and your first contract will also not be charged for. Following the first contract, to launch a deal you will need to maintain an active subscription. Passively participating in contracts initiated by other parties is free and will always remain free.

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